Recent Meetings

  • Cati Coe, an anthropologist based at Rutgers University, discussed the problem of aging in Ghana, a situation probably typical of African countries.   As elsewhere, people are living longer due to reductions in infant mortality. Even with a decline in the birth rate, 50% of the Ghanaian population is under age 30; 5%, over age […]

  • Meredith Sutzer, school counselor, and Tina Fields,  community partnership coordinator, Emlen Elementary school (K-5), discussed the school. The school currently has 375 children, two classes per grade. The school enrollment consists of 100% free and reduced lunch children (low income).   The school has a number of partnerships with community associations to provide services for […]

  • Dottie Baumgartner explained stormwater management in Philadelphia in some detail. It is important to manage the rain as it comes off of one’s property, since in this neighborhood all water flows down to the Wissahickon Creek. This is our neighborhood drinking water! The intake is in the Queen Lane treatment center, where the water is […]

  • Anisha Sinha, Executive Director, West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WEPAC)   WEPAC is an organization devoted to promoting reading among elementary school children. Of the 237 public schools in Philadelphia, only seven have full-time librarians. A few schools have libraries and librarians supported by neighborhood organization.   WEPAC works with principals and teachers in specific […]

  • Councilwoman Cindy Bass discussed her proposal to eliminate the 10 year tax abatement in Philadelphia. The tax abatement program in the city goes back to the 1990s, and it was successful in supporting development in Center City.   Councilwoman Bass feels that the program was successful in the past, but it helped only in certain […]