Recent Meetings

  • August 1, 2018 – business meeting Rebecca Anwar presented a slideshow on her medical trip to the interior of Guyana in 2018. A preliminary financial review of the lobster pot suggests net income of approximately $6000. Club members noted their appreciation for the work by Rebecca Anwar, the rest of the planning committee, and the […]

  • Business meeting, July 11, 2018   1. Officers for the coming year were elected President – Les Rosenwinkel President-elect – Larry Schofer Vice president – Larry Daniels Treasurer – Ed Naumes Secretary – Marie Lachat   2. Chestnut Hill Rotary club foundation board members ex-officio: President Les Rosenwinkel, President-elect Larry Schofer, past president Chris Spolsky […]

  • Yasmin Goodman, report on the Pachamama Alliance. The hope of the Pachamama Alliance is to work with the local tribes to preserve their culture and the environment against the inroads of outside sources, in particular oil exploration companies. The mission of the alliance is “to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their […]

  • Rachel Falcove, executive director of Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network This organization, serving homeless and formally homeless families in Northwest and Northeast Philadelphia, is part of a network entitled “Family Promise”. Rachel Falcove became executive director of the local group 17 years ago. PHIN is often considered as an organization whose major activity is to provide […]

  • Play therapist Tammi van Hollander (daughter of member Elliot Schwartz) presented ideas about “the nurtured heart approach” to dealing with children (created by Howard Glasser). This approach is about energizing children in a positive way. Adults often give kids energy through negativity. The idea of this approach is to give positive recognition to specific activities. […]