August 21, 2019 – Mt. Airy Arts Garage

Speakers: Kathy Robinson and Arleen Olshan (Director) of Mt. Airy Art Garage.


Mt. Airy Art Garage is 10 yrs old. It was first housed at the Weavers Way garage. It began with a holiday art market and received strong community support – 100s of people came to first meetings. They moved into11 West Mt. Airy Ave. where they renovated the building and remained for 6 years, and is now located in a small storefront on Germantown Ave. They have worked with both schools and businesses – rain barrel project.


Mt. Airy Art Garage has been delivering art programming to local schools for 8 yrs. Many schools do not have art programs. They want to teach teachers how to do this and bring it back to their schools. This year they will create their 4th mural with Emlen. They work with 10-15 4th and 5th graders on Friday’s from12:30-3. Students learn art terms and techniques. The Art Garage partners with Lovett Library for exhibitions. The students are first instructed in watercolors, and then acrylics. The classroom teachers select which children will take the class – based on talents or other needs. There is also a poetry component to the program where students create art around poetry. There is no art teacher at Emlen. The budget at Emlen is $3,000, but there are supplies that are still usable from past years.


Mt. Airy Art Garage raises money through fundraisers. They have an annual budget of $50,000.

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