July 24, 2019 Cancer Who?

Marjani Harris

With her husband, Al Harris, Marjani founded the organization “Cancer Who?” in 2013.  They had several family members who suffered through cancer diagnosis and treatment, and they noticed that there were varying levels of support and needs that weren’t met.  They decided to create an extended family support system.  It started as “Team Overtime,” and is now known as “Cancer Who?”  They sold apparel for fundraising, and helped 200 families. Services include  helping patients through chemo., and trying to keep their minds off cancer.  Patients don’t want to burden their families, so Cancer Who? ambassadors can help.  In February they opened a Cancer Who? center where people can come and enjoy food, games, and programs such as a  biweekly Survival Circle, which is a group for breast cancer sufferers. 

The organization serves Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey.  Funds are raised during the annual Cancer Who? weekend fundraiser which includes a Friday event, Cancer Who? Day with St. Christopher Hospital, a bike ride, a kickball tournament, and a comedy show on Sunday.  Demand is rising, but they haven’t  turned anyone away.  They offer a webinar once a week so survivors can talk to each other around the country. Funding is received from a few small grants.

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