May 22, 2019 – Anuj Gupta, director, Reading Terminal Market

Anuj Gupta, Director, Reading Terminal Market


The Reading Terminal Market has been in existence for 126 years, but about 30 years ago it had fallen on hard times. However, there were still some strengths, including loyal vendors, loyal customers, and support of the Philadelphia Inquirer for a place like this in our city. The city of Philadelphia created a nonprofit entity to take over the market, and it has experienced a true renaissance.


There are currently 80 family-owned businesses in the market; no chains are allowed. Anuj Gupta outlined the steps that he has taken as general manager since 2015: improved security, improved maintenance, improved cleanliness, maintenance as a functioning market and not a simple food court, culinary innovation, diversity in offerings (e.g., first Latino vendors), accessibility, opportunities for first-time entrepreneurs, partnerships with some schools. Most recent project is the redoing of Filbert Street to allow outdoor and indoor celebrations.

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