August 29, 2018 – Education Law Center

Deborah Gordon Klehr, executive director of the Education Law Center, explained the work of her group that is dedicated to ensuring access to a quality public education in the state of Pennsylvania. There are 3 major strategies:

  • access to quality public education for all children in Pennsylvania
  • dismantling the school to prison pipeline (this means reducing punishment that is meted out to children who are too young or who are discriminated against in various senses)
  • fight for fair funding for all school districts in the state.

The center, which is funded by foundation grants and individual contributions, receives many comments and complaints about issues in the schools. The center looks for patterns that it considers inappropriate in the schools, and works to provide remedies. Although the group does go to court if necessary, the preference is to solve issues by discussion and by emphasizing policies that are mandated by existing laws.


Further information can be found on the website of the group at

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