July 11, 2018 – business meeting

Business meeting, July 11, 2018


1. Officers for the coming year were elected

President – Les Rosenwinkel

President-elect – Larry Schofer

Vice president – Larry Daniels

Treasurer – Ed Naumes

Secretary – Marie Lachat


2. Chestnut Hill Rotary club foundation

board members ex-officio: President Les Rosenwinkel, President-elect Larry Schofer, past president Chris Spolsky

Two representatives to the Chestnut Hill Rotary foundation were elected for a two-year term

Frank Hollick

Megan McCrea


Continuing on for the second year of a two-year term

Tim Ziegler

Allison Corboy


3. Chris Spolsky and Elliot Schwartz reported their impressions of the Rotary International convention in Toronto.


4. Rebecca Anwar reported on the progress of the lobster pot. She encouraged all members to sell tickets and to sign up for some tasks on the day of the event, July 28.


5. Chris Spolsky reviewed the activities of the past year

a) a new website was created for the club – now active at Chestnut Hill Rotary.org

The site includes a calendar of future meetings and minutes from previous meetings.

b) we sponsored our first jazz fest. This required a significant effort by the organizing committee. We made a small amount for the foundation, and we acquired a lot of experience should we wish to repeat the program. We also saw that it is possible to raise a significant amount of money in sponsorships.

Sponsored our annual lobster pot.

c) we worked with the Parkway High School for Peace and Social Justice on several projects:

joined the school advisory council

set up the first part of a peace garden

provided judges for their annual senior project presentations

sponsored 4 students at RYLA (Rotary Young Leadership Assembly)

helped prepare the organization of an Interact club, which is supposed to start in the coming school year

d) Distributed dictionaries to all third-graders in three local elementary schools

e) provided volunteer readers at Jenks school on a weekly basis

f) established a relationship with PAR recycling (training for released convicts) – electronics recycling drive each month

g) Pergola in Chestnut Hill/Mount Airy – performed several maintenance sessions on the pergola garden

h) participated in the Rotary international campaign to plant one tree for every member – we exceeded our quota by planting more than 50 trees

i) Pathways program for homeless families – paid the fees for high school equivalent examinations; provided Christmas presents for several families

j) significantly improved our public relations effort for the club – we now see most of our meetings described in advance in the Chestnut Hill Local

k) changed the setup in the provision of breakfasts – we still provide breakfast, but by using volunteers we were able to reduce club dues by 20% for the coming year

l) provided continuing support on an individual basis for the family of Phil Tankel


International programs

a) Hope children’s home in Guyana – continued our support

b) continued support for Shelter Box

c) continued support for Light Up Gambia

d) continued support for the habitat program of the Yerba Linda Rotary club

e) sponsored a special fund drive among our members for the benefit of Rotaplast

f) gave support to the Paoli-Berwyn Rotary club for the establishment of a commercial goat dairy in Gambia


5. The club presented a small gift to Chris Spolsky in appreciation for her work this year as president (and for her activity in many committees).

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