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Club meeting, May 24, 2017 - Mommy Sue's Children
Sue Mardinly spoke of her work with children in Haiti. She had been involved in various community projects, such as the rehabilitation of the Louisiana communities after the Katrina flooding, and in 2010 responded to the Haiti earthquake. There she met a young man (Maxo) in Logane, Haiti, not far from the capital Port-au-Prince, who had with his own money started a school for children. Maxo originally used disaster response money to support the school (“Ecole communitaire Bellevue”), but when this money ran out he continued to search for ways to maintain the school. Sue Madrileny became involved when the school was in danger of running out of money. She helped raise money from her Rotary Club in Media, from the Gundaker foundation, and elsewhere. She emphasized how poor the community is in Haiti, and how important it is to provide some kind of education for the many children who have been displaced by the series of disasters that have hit the island (earthquake, hurricanes, etc.). She became very attached to the children, and the children and the adults at the school affectionately call themselves Mommy Sue’s Children. Sue is an active Rotarian, and is currently assistant district governor of our district.