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April 12, 2017 Weavers Way
April 12, 2017 – General manager of Weavers Way Jon Roesser, general manager of Weavers Way, characterized the co-op as an example of neighbors identifying a common need and pooling their resources to meet that need. In 1973, when Weavers Way was founded, that need was to provide inexpensive access to fresh food. Today, the need has changed to that of finding a “third-place” while functioning as a successful grocery store.. This is defined as the first place = home, second place = work or school, and third place = for community connections. The two Weavers Way stores serve as natural grocery stores that attempt to achieve a triple bottom line – triple in the sense of people, planet, and profit. A “natural” grocery store is one where the preponderance of food is either fresh or where packaged food is screened for ingredients. When there are 7,000 households with about 14,000 people who belong to Weavers Way, it is not always possible to know how exactly to be “natural”. Jon noted that in a jocular way the motto for the co-op might be “Weavers Way – juggling conflicting priorities since 1973.” Lately the attention of management at Weavers Way has been on expanding to the Ambler store, the product of a process of market studies and the desire for economies of scale, both in purchasing and in administration. Once the Ambler is up and running successfully, the next project will probably be some kind of prepared foods outlet and/or cafe in Mt. Airy.