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March 29, 2017 – African women artists
Flo Gelo presented a survey of current African women artists. Flo is a pastoral psychotherapist on the faculty of the Drexel College of Medicine, and she serves as the behavioral science faculty person in the school’s family practice in Manayunk. She also has a small private therapy practice. Flo is an active member of the Woodmere Art Gallery and is a retired tour guide at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She did a significant amount of research in order to present art that would enable us to “hear” from African women artists about women’s lives in Africa. The images that she showed were acquired from the Smithsonian and from artists and galleries in Africa. The women artists displayed come from various countries in Africa,from the north in Morocco to sub- Saharan Africa in Nigeria and Tanzania, down to the south in the Union of South Africa. The subjects of the paintings lie in both landscapes and in village art, but a common theme running through this presentation is the active role that women artists play or wish to play in African society. Some items glorify women, while others ridicule past colonialism and the blindness of men to the needs of women.