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January 18, 2017 - Paul Glover
Club meeting, January 18, 2017 – Paul Glover, community activist Paul Glover’s message is summarized in “From the middle class to the mutual class”. By this he means that large portions of the middle class have become dependent on institutions of government that are now dissolving. He advocates transcending “liberal” and “conservative” through regionalization of the economy. About 100 years ago almost 1/3 of Americans were enrolled in mutual aid organizations, and he sees this as a path to rebuilding our society. Paul is not only the author of 6 books on various modes of community action, but he is the initiator of many projects to carry out such activities. For example, a number of years ago he helped found a mutual aid health co-op, funded by $100 per member per year. In 42 states, 1400 members got insurance for 12 categories of emergencies. The structure has been attacked by state insurance authorities and by the Internal Revenue Service, presumably because it threatens the current power of insurance companies. He is also the author of what is called “Ithaca money”, where inhabitants in the area of Ithaca of, New York, eligible to pool their resources to create a kind of alternative money to keep sales and actions within the local community. Recently he has been working with Weavers Way on the possibilities of creating such a self-funded currency in our area. Members have received by email a copy of Rebecca Anwar’s first letter from Guyana. Here is a postscript: I went to the Demerara Rotary club last night and enjoyed seeing that group again; they remind me of our rotary club. They are doing a wonderful diabetes project in March where they will go for one week into the Rupununi region deep in the interior, to test for diabetes in 15 Amerindian villages. I’ll write more about it in one of my letters to our club if you think they would be interested. I just returned from a long day in the city with Kenneth doing some necessary meetings at the school for the Blind (where Andy goes each day) and also to three “hardware stores” looking for a part for the shower here at the house which seems to be impossible to find. There is one other shower in the house with water that is either cold or very hot depending on the time of day and the sun. Kenneth’s sister is here taking care of Kenneth’s mother and stands at the “cooker” making wonderful Vegetables.