Author: Lawrence Schofer

May 16, 2017 – Play therapy

Play therapist Tammi van Hollander (daughter of member Elliot Schwartz) presented ideas about “the nurtured heart approach” to dealing with children (created by Howard Glasser).

This approach is about energizing children in a positive way. Adults often give kids energy through negativity. The idea of this approach is to give positive recognition to specific activities. The approach is multi-sensory, utilizing a connection to children through play.

Tammi has developed “kinesthetic storytelling”, as seen in her recently published book Casey’s Greatness Wings. The book includes exercises on getting children to recognize greatness in themselves.

May 9, 2018 – Ray Sosa, candidate for lt. governor

Ray Sosa, candidate for lieutenant governor, spoke of himself as the first Latino ever to be on the Pennsylvania ballot for this position.

He pointed out the range of responsibilities of the lieutenant governor: to the understudy for the governor, to be the president of the state Senate, to chair the Pennsylvania emergency management system, to chair the Board of Pardons, and in general to deal with local communities.

Mr. Sosa outlined some of his plans for preventing recidivism through compulsory education in the prison system and withheld for employment after the. He also dealt with a number of other topics dealing with the state as employer in certain areas.

May 2, 2018 – Nina Ahmad, candidate for lt. governor

Nina Ahmad, a trained scientist, most recently a deputy mayor of Philadelphia, states that she is running for lieutenant governor to restore integrity to the office. Besides that, there are no women and no people of color in state offices.

She feels that her work in the mayor’s office has shown that she is open to all strata of the population, and she would like to bring this approach to the state office. She has worked in the past for the rights of women and to combat sexual harassment.

The main job of the lt. governor is to be the understudy of the governor, which means becoming familiar with the all the workings of the state government. The officer also presides over the state senate and serves on several state boards, in particular the Board of Pardons. In this latter role, she hopes to affect some training of convicts to combat recidivism after release.

April 25, 2018 – Chestnut Hill Community Association

The meeting was addressed by Anne McNiff, recently appointed executive director of the Chestnut Hill Community Association. Anne is a long time Mount Airy resident with a number of years of experience working with the non-profit world.

 Aunt pointed out that the community is changing, now incorporating many “renters by choice”, in contrast to the long-time homeowners’ outlook prevalent in the community. She sees a need to integrate these renters into the community.

 2018 is also the time for collaborative work for a green initiative. Chestnut Hill is the “garden district” of Philadelphia, but it is necessary to work with other neighborhoods as well in such things as an aging tree canopy, water sources, carbon exhaust, etc.

 She sees possible partnerships with local schools and with other groups in ongoing service projects.

 On May 20 the Association will partner with the Chestnut Hill Conservancy for a great houses tour.

April 18, 2018 – The Luckiest Guy in the World

Ray Loewe bills himself as “the luckiest guy in the world”. After several anecdotes about interesting events in his life, mainly related to his travels to five continents, he talked about the need that each individual think seriously about planning his or her life activities. He does not like the notion of “retirement”; instead, he talks of “transition”.

 Very often individuals focus on their weaknesses and try to improve them, a task that is often difficult to perform. Instead, Ray feels that individuals should focus on their strengths and build on them. He has become a spokesman for this approach to life – “Change your story… Discover your dream”. Information on the courses that he runs and other activities can be found his website at