Club meeting, January 31, 2018 – Pamela Rich-Wheeler, The Business Center

Pamela Rich-Wheeler runs The Business Center, headquartered on the New Covenant campus in Mt. Airy. The center focuses on business education for aspiring entrepreneurs, both adult and youth, and on general business and financial education for teenagers.

The center has been in existence since 1999, and has worked with a number of business people how to start their businesses – or even when not to start a business that is not justified! Pam gave several examples of local businesses that have been helped in drawing up a business plan, planning for the future, and actually opening the business – High Point Cafe, Infusion coffee shop, and others. The center partnered with School for Circus Arts to set up the Youth & Money camp. She also introduced one volunteer at the center who decided not to open business when she realized the time investment required for the project.

A video is available that shows youngsters involved in the Youth and Money summer camp run by the School for Circus Arts ( YouthAndMoneyCampv2a.mp4). The video was made at the school’s camp, where campers prepared a show while at the same time learning about being an entrepreneur and running a small business.

Information about the facilities and programs available at The Business Center are shown on the website

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