Club meeting, August 31, 2017 – eBay project

Club goes to e-bay An attempt to supplement our fundraising, is collecting items to be sold on eBay. Abby Lederman specializes in such sales, and has agreed to handle the club’s activity. Lists of items that can be sold have been distributed, and are still available at club meetings. Abby discussed various approaches used on eBay, and emphasized that is not always possible to tell what will or will not sell. However, her years of experience have made her comfortable with evaluating a large range of items. The Club will receive 60% of the sale price; the rest of the money is the seller’s fee and eBay fees. Items sold to benefit the club foundation are eligible for a tax deduction. Most people who have items that might be sold should send a picture and a detailed description to Abby, will decide whether the item can be sold. Contact information: 267-934-4964